Logic Announces New Album “AfricAryaN”

October 3, 2016 0

LOGIC_ryan-Jay2-1200x800-500x334 Logic Announces New Album “AfricAryaN”

In the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s podcast, livestreamed yesterday, Logic shared news about his forthcoming LP, “AfricAryaN.” While the audio from the episode hasn’t been released yet, a fan Twitter account was able to make a note of what the concept of the album is. “Apparently the concept is based on the fact that humanity stemmed from Africa – that humans went from black to white.


It appears as though Logic hinted to the title and concept of his new album in a set of lyrics he shared with Rolling Stone magazine back in April.

I feel the Aryan in my blood is scarier than a Blood,” he rhymes in the clip. Been lookin’ for holy water, now I’m prayin’ for a flood / It feel like time passin’ me by slower than a slug.

But my beautiful black brothers wanna act like I’m adopted. Go back in time to when my ni**a daddy impregnated my cracker momma and stopped it / Somebody pinch me / Black man screaming, trying to convince me / I’m not black so why the white man wanna lynch me?

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