Ric Flair Talks His Favorite Wrestling Memories, ‘Nature Boy’, Super Bowl 52 , the Four Horsemen & More (ESPN Films 30 for 30 ‘Nature Boy Premiere) (Video)

November 2, 2017 0

On Thursday October 26th, ESPN and ESPN’s 30 For 30 Films hosted the premiere of the upcoming ESPN 30 For 30 Films ‘Nature Boy’ a documentary on the life and rise of the greatest Wrestler ever Ric Flair in Atlanta, GA.


Set to premiere on ESPN on November 7th at 10pm, ESPN 30 For 30 Films ‘Nature Boy’ will highlight Ric Flair’s life, journey in the wrestling world, his battles in his personal life and more. While on the red carpet at the ‘Nature Boy’ Premiere, Terrell Thomas spoke with the man of the hour, Wrestling Hall of Famer, 16 time champion Ric Flair.


Ric Flair spoke on his upcoming ESPN 30 For 30 Film and his involvement in the film. Highlighting how it was a two year process, Ric Flair explained it details his life inside and outside of the ring. As a 16 time champion, Ric Flair spoke on his favorite memories throughout his career, the Four Horsemen, speaking with NFL teams, his Super Bowl predictions and more.


The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas. The interview shot and edited by Danny Digitall. ESPN 30 For 30 Films ‘Nature Boy’ premieres Tuesday November 7th at 10pm on ESPN.


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