Fluent – Songs About You (Album Stream)

September 27, 2019 0

Rapper, singer/songwriter Fluent masterfully blends Hip-Hop, R&B, and other genres on his incredibly personal and heartfelt new album, Songs About You. It’s a story of a love gone wrong that everyone can relate to, and it’s delivered through sonically rich production and sharp songwriting. Plus, for those who heard Flu’s previous project, 2018’s Heartbreak Aaron EP, it provides a full picture of what the man’s gone through these past few years.


What seemed like a relationship destined for greater things unfortunately went down in flames, though it hasn’t left Fluent completely hopeless. Instead, the rising artist used his heartbreak as the inspiration, which he thanks his lost love for on the opening track, “SAY.” From there, he thoughtfully chronicles every aspect of a relationship, from the floating highs of “Come My Way” and “Fall in Love,” to the arguments of “Game We Play,” and finally moving on with “My Eyes.”


And for Fluent, the process of creating these tracks all came together naturally. “It just so happens that these were actually songs about my life and things that I was going through in real time,” he explains. “Once I started to accumulate the bulk of the material, that’s when I came up with the title of the album. It just all made sense.”


It’s beyond impressive that it all just happened organically, and even more so that he was able to do it in such a cohesive manner. Despite using more than a handful of different producers including J. Cardim and Purps of 808 Mafia, Flu was able to handpick instrumentals from everyone that fit the groove of the album. And that groove is one that resides snugly at the intersection of modern Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and more, which brings Songs About You its life and color. The album may not have the happiest ending you could hope for, but Fluent definitely makes the most of it, musically and in life.


Songs About You is available now through all major DSPs via Flu’s own label, Supreme Regime.

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