ATM – Wholelottaguap/Sunset ft Daydream Masi (Video)

May 2, 2019 0

unnamed ATM - Wholelottaguap/Sunset ft Daydream Masi (Video)


Coming off the high of his signing with Mass Appeal Records and debut EP release, it’s an apt celebration.  A few minutes in the tone shifts, and atm reveals that while his career is popping off he’s got his share of stress at home. The video fades into “Sunset ft. Masi”, and he reveals that his best friend’s little cousin Christian passed away this month, facing his “sunset.” It’s a sobering moment the morning after the party, and the “Sunset” chorus speaks to that, “It’s been cold for a very long time, and I know that it’s wrong but it’s feeling so right.” atm has a lot to celebrate, but this loss weighs heavy on him.
Mass Appeal is super excited about their newest signee as he brings a more lo-fi, SoundCloud-y mellow style than the traditional hard-hitting bars that the label is known for. atm‘s breakout single “Rush,” caught fire on Spotify with 1.3M streams, earning placements on Spotify’s Mellow Bars (761k followers), Dorm Daze (212k), and With You (56k). On 4/26, atm released his self-titled debut project, and the New Jersey native picks up where he left off, with more infectious hooks and unmatched melodic flow. New cuts like the genre-bending “Sunset,” aspirational “Miami Nights” and bag-securing “wholelottaguap” are sure to set the tone for atm’s future hit-making career.

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