Jomi Unveils Debut EP “Layovers in Miami”

June 9, 2019 0

Screen-Shot-2019-06-09-at-4.49.37-PM-500x462 Jomi Unveils Debut EP “Layovers in Miami”

Orland Florida upstart, Jomi, is a multi-faceted rapper who draws inspiration from all genres – with his biggest influence being Marvin Gaye. But his biggest inspiration yet is life, itself. “Layovers in Miami is inspired by life. I’ve been recording and working with other artists for over a year. This project is to give people a body of work to understand my life over the past few years,” shares Jomi.

Although getting his start singing at church, and playing the piano, Jomi didn’t find himself taking music seriously until about two years ago. Creating music that is more of a feeling, than just sounds, Jomi wants people to not just hear his voice, but to feel it. “I want whoever listens to my music to instantly feel pulled into the song.”

After experiencing numerous layovers in airports, while traveling to handle music business, Jomi decided to name his EP, “Layovers in Miami” – which is quite fitting (lol). “This tape represents that I’m not yet at my destination, But I’m getting close,” he states.

As he plans to drop more visuals off the project, and curate events in his home town, vibe out to Jomi’s “Layovers in Miami” below.

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