Single Stoners’ Club “Hellavah” Music Video Review

June 26, 2019 0

The 87′ team here to point you to whats “new and trending” in the hiphop world and i think we have a hit with Single Stoners’ Club. Not only is the name catchy but with help from Kris Archer & Hellavator Music, Single Stoners Club has brought you a “Hellavah” music video. With dope visual references to classics like the “The Brady Bunch” with the Squared frames, classic art work like the “American Gothic” (farmer and his wife) and a touch of comedy with the big head baby intro. After you get wrapped up in the lit visual you have to then rewind to hear whats being said, major key to longevity in hiphop is the rewind factor. Matching the energy of the instrumental and visual, you get hit with a unique voice with compelling delivery. With catchy word play and synchronized hook “Hellavah” should surely catch a trendy wave of listens. Check out the music video and look out for more from “Single Stoners’ Club”
Artist : Single Stoners’ Club ( ig @singlestonersclub)
Song: Hellavah
Producer: Hellavator Music (ig @hellavatormusic)
Director: Kris Archer (ig @krisarcher_ilmg)
below is the description for the video.
Single Stoners’ Club performs “Hellavah” Produced by Hellavator Music
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