Dylan Raw Releases Debut Album “KILLTHEKING”

June 27, 2020 0

Kill-The-King-Artwork-500x500 Dylan Raw Releases Debut Album "KILLTHEKING"

Rebellion can often be defined as the action or process of resisting authority, control, or convention. Perhaps if you asked 21-year-old recording artist Dylan Raw, he might say rebellion defines his entire movement. Raw drops off his debut album entitled “KILLTHEKING”, the first official outing from the young artist.

Symbolizing change, revolt, and new leadership, the album contains a wide range of subject matter.
From storytelling trials and tribulations of life on the road, climbing the mountains of the music industry, to songs about relationships and conflicting emotions trying to balance love and success at a young age.

In the 3 years that it took to complete the project, Raw encountered many trials, including travel fatigue, exhausting contract negotiations, personal loss of loved ones, and the typical adversities that come with an attempt at greatness. At times these obstacles appeared to come from all angles, but Dylan did a phenomenal job at inviting us into those moments with his edgy and electrifying sound.

The entire album is a standout, with incredible production, classic lyricism and seamless transitions between tracks.

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