I Just Got Famous on TikTok, Now What?

June 17, 2020 0


The following is a Q&A that explains how TikTok fame can be superficial

Tik_Tok_wordmark-500x160 I Just Got Famous on TikTok, Now What?

How you can blow up overnight, and for seemingly no good reason?

So often you see that your TikTok account can go from 0-10k followers almost overnight. It is so easy to click that follow button so people often just use it as a form of showing support. This also means that they are likely supporting weird behavior, sexual behavior or aggressive behavior. The truth is that more often than not, people get famous for something totally random. I am not discrediting the talented people who work for their audience on TikTok. However, we have to realize how that TikTok fame is tainted with all the people who got famous for really nothing at all. 

If they were easy come, will they be easy go?

All of your followers clicked that follow button, that’s great. But let’s take a look at how that number can be a little bit superficial. No matter how many fans you have, the TikTok community is likely browsing the for you page looking for the next big thing. Out of 10 people, 8 said that whenever they are on TikTok they are just casually browsing on the for you page. So basically, getting a follow has just the same meaning as getting a like, comment or share. 

You have 2 million fans on TikTok? Why don’t they follow you on other streaming platforms?

That’s something a lot of people struggle with as they start getting popular on TikTok. They notice that they have 2 million on TikTok but only 8,000 on instagram or facebook. That’s totally okay, but it just further proves the argument that TikTok fans aren’t as loyal as maybe ones you get on Instagram or Facebook. Unless you aggressively advertise, it’s unlikely that you will gain more Instagram followers overnight like the ones you got on TikTok. 

This all seems kinda bad, so then what’s good about it?

The truth is, I am being highly critical. TikTok is a great platform that has made a lot of people successful and encouraged more people to be creative. However, be careful as to when you call yourself famous. Getting 2 million is certainly an achievement, but you haven’t gotten famous yet. Keep applying pressure, don’t let it stop you from being creative and have fun!

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