Drake announced new album that is 80% complete

July 20, 2020 0

drake Drake announced new album that is 80% complete

Drake’s next studio album, a follow-up to the 2018 album “Scorpion” is almost complete. It will be his sixth studio album. In a story that Drake posted on his Instagram, the Toronto rapper is in his studio sitting in the darkness and working at his sound mixer and computer. The photo that he shared on Instagram said “80 %”, which means that his album is 80% over. Drake already released his fifth studio album “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” in May 2020. NME wrote that Drake has not learned anything after his album “Scorpion”, that the rapper is just repeating himself again and again and does not offer anything fresh. At the beginning of 2020, Drake promised his fans the next album by the end of Summer. The NME review said that Drake might need to get this mixtape out of the way in order to be able to write an inspirational, high-selling 12-track record later in 2020. Drake said that his last album would be “high volume”. Being a musician for over 10 years is tough and he does not like to see himself age. Sometimes, he added, you need a target goal for yourself to still be interested in what you do. He wanted to give people a lot to listen to instead of just one song during these challenging times.

Latest update about Drake’s concerts and tours in 2020

The tours and concerts are canceled across North America due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It affected every industry and the music industry is no exception. It is one of the industries that suffered the most. Even big stars such as Michael Buble, Justin Bieber, and Drake had to cancel their shows and tours. While Drake has not made an official announcement about his concert dates, word around town is that casinos might not wait till 2021 and host some private shows with VIP guests, where the star singers in 2020, naturally, taking the safety precautions into consideration. Many countries entered phase one of reopening after the pandemic and bars, restaurants, and casinos are allowed to accommodate a certain number of people. Stars like Drake will be performing on VIP shows in US and Canadian casinos, that are known for organizing concerts with celebrities and surprising their VIP guests with the shows by star performances. It’s believed that Canadian casinos consider showing live performance through online casinos for vip players 2020 and it would be a great gift for loyal gamers. Drake has already so many songs that he has not performed for the live audiences yet, and when his new album comes out he will have even more singles accumulated. The private parties would be a chance for the VIP audience to listen to these songs before anybody else. The parties are said to have very strict dress codes, however, the themes vary from comic book-themed nights where the VIP audiences can dress as their favorite characters to classic nights, where the guests show up in tuxedos and gowns. So, not only the guests will see an exclusive performance by Drake, but will also have a chance to dress up and have fun at the poker table. Speaking of poker tables, casinos also offer all the gambling forms. Poker tables, slot machines, roulette tables, sports betting, and other games are available to the guests while the performance is happening.

Drake Responds to Being Angry on Camera

Drake was spotted in the Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto exiting a building with an unusually angry and irritated expression in the first week of July. He was surrounded by bodyguards and was rubbing his neck on the way to his car. Fans have a lot of questions. The video first appeared on the Instagram account of 6ixbuzzTV’s and Drake himself answered the question in the comments section. He wrote: “A spider was crawling on me the other day and ever since then I keep feeling that shit like 4 times a day.” Drake’s promised sixth studio album is also coming out. His fans saw the news on his Instagram page. He posted in an Instagram story that the work on the sixth album was 80% complete.

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