A man who fired at police while protesting George Floyd has been acquitted

September 6, 2021 0
sean-lee-bvHcG6334dE-unsplash-min A man who fired at police while protesting George Floyd has been acquitted

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

Saint Paul, Minnesota resident Jaleel Stallings fires shots at Minneapolis, Minnesota police officers following the death of George Floyd during a protest in May 2020. He is charged with two counts of attempted murder. A year after his arrest, he’s been acquitted. 

During his trial in July, Stallings used the self-defense argument to defend himself, his attorney told the Associated Press on Friday (Sept. 3). Stallings said he fired three shots at an unmarked white van because he thought civilians were attacking him, and he started shooting after he was hit by a rubber bullet in the chest. Evidently, he only realized what he did after, as none of the officers were hit. As soon as he realized he’d been shooting at them, he surrendered to police. 

The Minnesota Reformer reported on Tuesday that video of officers Justin Stetson and Andrew Bittell beating Stallings while he is on the ground shows them punching and kicking the man. Both agreed Stallings resisted arrest despite visible injuries to his face caused by a shooting the day before his arrest. However, footage showed that he was lying still on the ground for 20 seconds before the robbery occurred. 

Mr. Stallings was beaten by Officer’s Stetson and Bittell for over 30 seconds before Officer’s Stetson and Bittell attempted to handcuff him, according to the pretrial ruling by Judge William Koch. According to the video evidence, Mr. Stallings did not submit to the officers’ authority in any way, rather he surrendered to them.” 

In this case, it’s unclear whether either investigation or punishment were pursued. According to reports, Stallings might take further legal action regarding this matter now that he’s been acquitted. 

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