The Roots Announce “Do You Want More?!!!??!” Deluxe!

February 7, 2021 0
the-roots-do-you-want-more-deluxe-reissue-announcement-silent-treatment-lazy-afternoons-stream-1 The Roots Announce "Do You Want More?!!!??!" Deluxe!

Twenty six years ago, in 1995, The Roots released their sophomore album, “Do You Want More?!!??!.”

They have just announced that they’ll be re-releasing the iconic album as a deluxe digital edition with unreleased cuts. These never-before released tracks include “In Your Dreams Kid (I’m Every MC,” “The Ultimate (Original ’94 Version)”, and “Pffat Time.” There will also be songs that’s never been heard on the tracklist. This includes “I’ts Coming,” and “Swept Away (Original Draft).”

An alternate version of “Lazy Afternoon” is also slated to be on the tracklist.

Needless to say, this is a MUST-STREAM if you’re a loyal The Roots fan. Or a Hip Hop aficionado at heart.

In 2019, Questlove shared that he’s been “dying to find all the old reels and mix the 8 or 0 songs that never made DYWM.” And the time is now.

To whet our musical appetites until its release, stream the alternate version of “Lazy Afternoon” and the street mix of “Silent Treatment” below!

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