KINGFRENCHFAME expands his brand on Spotify Greenroom

December 27, 2021 0

The music genius of KINGFRENCHFAME

KINGFRENCHFAME’s journey in music and life reads like a Hollywood movie. Filled with drama, street dreams, hood love, drug dealing, and music. KINGFRENCHFAME, since birth, was destined to entertain and inspire people. Staring into the eyes of KINGFRENCHFAME, you can feel his high-frequency vibration, passion, and undeniable raw energy.

KINGFRENCHFAME represents Hip-Hop’s Generation Z and illuminates their unconventional, creative genius. KINGFRENCHFAME’s music, social media influence, and mass appeal have created a unique fanbase. KINGFRENCHFAME grinds 18 hours per day and never settles for anything less than perfection.

KINGFRENCHFAME leverages the power of Spotify Greenroom

Spotify launched its audio-chat app titled “Spotify Greenroom,” and it’s redefining the industry. Spotify Greenroom app enables artists to create engagement rooms, share music links, chat via audio, conduct podcast interviews, and network.

Spotify Greenroom App is a game-changer for indie artists seeking to increase their following and organically gain Spotify traffic. Spotify is the world’s #1 streaming platform boasting over 150,000,000 (Million) users globally.

KINGFRENCHFAME Instagram and Facebook following eclipses over 40,000. KINGFRENCHFAME leverages the audio-chat platform to cross-promote his LIONAPE clothing line and music. KINGFRENCHFAME is CEO of LIONAPE Clothing and Global Brand Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.

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