Founder of the OT Radio Show, talks music, his journey and college scholarship program

May 14, 2022 0

01262F90-1-2 Founder of the OT Radio Show, talks music, his journey and college scholarship program

The OT Radio Show” is an entertainment-based podcast show hosted by none other than OT himself. He has interviewed the biggest names in entertainment and holds a stellar reputation that only one could dream of. However, OT has claimed that his biggest achievement isn’t featuring celebrities but enjoying his main role as a family man. The Philly native grew up enchanted by jazz, soul, and smooth reggae by the iconic Bob Marley. A fond recollection of his childhood would bring up a home filled with genres of music that teased him into becoming the entertaining entrepreneur he is today.

On the same note, OT has gained inspiration from those closest to him that have watched him grow into a success. He names his grandmother who instructed him to remain solid in his faith. His next mentor would be his loving mother; a woman who would always tell him to be kind to others. A symphonic soul, his father stressed the same but added community service as something OT always must do. In an effort to pay it forward, OT has begun the process of creating a scholarship that would benefit low-income college students.

OT has put his computer science degree to use in the creation of “The OT Radio Show”. The successful host has had a slew of guests but recognizes author Michael Baisden as his most memorable visit. The two discussed the ins and outs of the radio business as the author is also a reputable radio host. OT has stated time and time again that he cannot wait to make even more memories and have thought-provoking conversations with additional guests.

In a time where technology has become mainstream, OT acknowledges the blessing in disguise. He has been able to grow his company due to the web being the main venue in which interaction can occur. OT used the time to assess what he needed to change and manifested a thriving journey for himself as well as his show. He is looking forward to marketing and sponsorship opportunities that will boost his already killer show. OT and “The OT Radio Show” can be followed on his social media @otradioshow.

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