Four Eminem Songs That Define His Rap Career

February 19, 2022 0

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The hip-hop and rap world became extremely important in the worldwide music industry a long time ago, and in recent years it seems like it has gotten even more popular among music fans. 


There are many high-quality rappers that rule the stages all over the globe, and one that has for sure proved that he is a living legend is Eminem. Rap was always popular, but the American superstar made it entirely accessible to audiences from all over the world and for various generations. 


That is why it’s not a surprise why cheap Eminem tickets are always in huge demand since he is a true professional that delivers top-rated performances no matter where he performs. 


Therefore, here we will see the top 4 Eminem songs that define his impressive career.  

Sing for the Moment

This song is from the fourth Eminem album titled ‘’The Eminem Show’’ released back in 2003. ‘’Sing for the Moment’’ became extremely popular and successful since it peaked inside the Top 10 charts in twenty countries, and it was the number one hit in Portugal. In the USA, the song also had a significant success reaching number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100.


‘’Sing for the Moment’’ is about the effect of rap music on society and about the wrong impression parents and critics have towards his message. Furthermore, through the song, Eminem addresses critics who accuse him of promoting violence to the younger generations by saying that making a crime is up to the offender in a world after 9/11. Also, Eminem shows that his music is actually good for young generations since it gives them a helping hand and a relief from boredom and depression. His altercation with the bouncer John Guerrera is also mentioned in ‘’Sing for the Moment’’. 

The Real Slim Shady

‘’The Real Slim Shady’’ is the lead single from Eminem’s third studio album titled ‘’The Marshall Mathers LP’’, which was released back in 2000, and it most certainly shows how unique a rapper Eminem is. 


Through the years, this song became an iconic mega-hit managed to peak at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100, and it was his first song to top in the UK. Also, back in 2000, ‘’The Real Slim Shady’’ was the 14th best-selling track in the UK; therefore, it is not a surprise why he has so many fans in the United Kingdom. 


As for awards, it won a lot of them like Video of the Year and Best Male Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, Maximum Vision Video, and Best Rap/Hip-Hop Clip of the year at the Billboard Music Awards, and Outstanding National Single at the Detroit Music Awards. Finally, but most importantly, it won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.


One of the most fascinating musical duo performances ever, Eminem and Dido did a truly fantastic job performing together on this beautiful hit song, which was also part of the third album called ‘’The Marshall Mathers LP’’. Being a huge hit, ‘’Stan’’ managed to reach number one peaks in a number of countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. 


In essence, Eminem narrates the story of Stan, who religiously follows him and after that, he feels left by him because of his ego. Later on, when Eminem shows up to reply to him, it is actually too late since he dies after a tragic accident. 


When Eminem was interviewed about this song, he talked about it as being a message to his admirers and fans that they shouldn’t take literally everything he says. It is an emotional song, and it is still pretty popular because Dido and Eminem turned out to be a fantastic music duo, and the video for the song is also impressive. 

Lose Yourself  

Eminem recently celebrated 50 million subscribers on YouTube, and this is one more thing that goes to show how successful his career has been. And one of the reasons is probably his best song titled ‘’Lose Yourself’’.


It was the first rap song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song, and it sums up his role in the movie titled ‘’8 Mile’’. Furthermore, this mega-hit track also managed to win two Grammy Awards for Best Male Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Song while also being nominated for three other categories. 


The story in this beautiful song is about his struggles and the way he overcomes the challenge to gain a reputation from various other rap singers. It was also a great success on the US Billboard Hot 100 since it was at the top for twelve weeks. Of course, it also was at the top of other charts in various countries around the world. Many critics still name it as Eminem’s best song ever.  

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