The new ‘Bodboy’ album by Bobby Shmurda is out

August 9, 2022 0

Bodboy-500x500 The new 'Bodboy' album by Bobby Shmurda is out

The new album by Bobby Shmurda, Bodboy, will be released today (August 5). With this project, he performs for the first time since 2014, including appearances from Rowdy Rebel and Fat Tony. In order to preserve the anticipation, Shmurda gave a few previews, such as “Whole Brick” and “Hoochie Daddy.” The latter track is another summertime hit in which the rapper displays his playful flow:

Bobby Shmurda blessed the masses with numerous singles during the past year, including “Splash,” “Cartier Lens,” “No Time For Sleep,” and “Shmoney” featuring Quavo and Rowdy Rebel. In partnership with ONErpm, Shmurda launched his own label called GS9.

A new bill in New York state that would ban rap music on trial was recently discussed by Shmurda. “Do not go on record telling the world that you just shot Johnny in the face just because the fucking law was passed… Do not say anything stupid. However, you are allowed to express yourself freely. Tell stories more clearly. It is imperative that you do not say things such as, “I just shot Johnny in the face.’ Shmurda stated: “Holy crap, bro? Still, you need to be mindful. “You still have to be mindful in the interview.

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