Kxng Ko reveals his panoramic vision with HIPHOPSINCE1987

July 20, 2022 0

Finding peace means locating your purpose.   

Understanding your purpose is a therapeutic, sacred, soul-searching, and riveting process. Analyzing the weakest and most profound parts of your emotional psyche and insecurities separates visionaries from mere mortals.   

Chasing destiny is a twenty-four-hour per day task. Traveling through the maze of life has many dead ends, smoking mirrors, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and trap doors.   

Climbing the mountain of success doesn’t include an instructions manual. Even the most advanced climbers fall due to a lack of purpose. Purpose fuels a person’s desire and triggers ambition, which drives inner-will power to unparalleled levels.  

Major Recording Artist Kxng Ko was born in the belly of the beast. From day one, Kxng Ko’s life was centered on pain, passion, street dreams, broken love, and rap music.    

Kxng Ko prepares for the marathon of his life in 2022  

Kxng Ko understands the risk versus reward in rap culture. Believing in yourself is a costly mental undertaking. Kxng Ko doesn’t dream in color. His visions are grounded in creating legacy music and generational wealth, empowering youth culture, and creating a bridge to the next generation of self-made hustlers. 

Kxng Ko’s music defines the uncensored and raw Hip-Hop philosophy. Lyrically, his words provide a transparent blueprint of ascendancy. Kxng Ko’s brand inked partnerships with iHeartRadio, DA BLAZE 88.7 XM, and RADIOPUSHERS in 2022.   


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