A Conversation with Walshy Fire

September 8, 2023 0
Written by Siani Leigh

All Spice World Dance brought out some Caribbean giants. Included, was none other than Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire. The well decorated DJ and producer has toured the world. Collaborating with artists such as Nicki Minaj, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Justin Bieber, among others. He is a champion for Caribbean culture and music.

Warm and welcoming, Walshy invited us to have a seat like we were family. Amani jumped right into the interview.

IMG_1164-334x500 A Conversation with Walshy Fire

Walshy Fire and Amani Wrap up their interview with a quick flick

How as Dancehall influenced your life?

I’m Jamaican so it’s been there since day one. I really enjoy seeing how it’s transformed and where it’s at. You know it’s a whole new thing now, it’s not like how when I grew up…with Beanie Man and Bounty Killer and all those guys. It’s a whole new set of guys now…Gridin by Clipse started to play in the background and Walshy blurted out, “if I start Harlem Shaking will you be mad?!” Amani quickly said “No!” and Walshy began to dance. He had her “dust the dirt off his shoulders.” He concluded, “…but you know Dancehall forever.”

How was working with Koffee and the experience surrounding the Grammy winning single “Toast?”

I feel great it’s the only Grammy I’ve ever won. I didn’t win any Grammys with Major Lazer, I won with that song. So, I give thanks, you know, I’m very happy.” Amani pointed out how big of an accomplishment winning a Grammy is. Walshy humbly explained, “Knowing that people love my music that come from where I come from beats a Grammy any day.”

What influenced you to start your label?

Honestly, I did an album in 2018 called ABENG, who was a good friend of mine and he died in a car accident. I named the album after him. It was a compilation of Africa meets the Caribbean and I saw how much the two wanted to work with each other so I made ABENG the record label to be able to really grow that relationship.

How do you go about finding artists?

It’s really hard now, because everybody’s an artist. I’m sure you sing, she sings, she sings…” He answered candidly.” Walshy continued, “the A&Rs, I salute the ones that really do the work. You just gotta do the work. You have to be out there, you gotta be wherever the artists are.

If I were an artist, how could I impress you?

I’m not gonna lie man, I would really just have to see you do something. Whether it was online or in person. I would just have to see it and be like ‘that’s the one, she’s dope.‘”

Did your parents do music?

No man, my parents didn’t finish High School. They worked, real immigrants. They came to the country and did what they did. Salute to my mom man, real warrior. My mom is the real G.O.D. man! A lot of people say that they worship Christ and other religions. I worship my mom as God, because I’ve seen her do the unthinkable. Salute to my mom for really helping in every single way possible. She’s such a great person.

Amani thanked Walshy for sitting down with us and in his charismatic nature, he instead congratulated her. A truly great spirit to come in contact with. Follow Walshy Fire on all social media platforms to stay up-to-date with his latest endeavors.

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