More Artists to Watch in 2024

December 17, 2023 0

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S More Artists to Watch in 2024
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MORE INFO: South Carolina native Trap Dickey is buzzing via his freestyles on On The Radar Radio (nearly 150K views in two weeks) and 4 Shooters Only. With a story rooted in tragedy and triumph, Dickey is a product of the South Carolina streets he was raised on. Surviving street life and gun violence, Dickey is here to tell the tale of resilience. He uses his music to give listeners a glimpse into his world and his own stories. His most recent releases include “I35,” “No Apologies,” and “Keep Forgetting” ft. Hardaway, and his recent release, “Blue Devils,” off his latest project ‘Trap Or Die.’ With more new music and visuals on the way, Trap Dickey is sure to prove why he is a 2024 Artist To Watch.



S More Artists to Watch in 2024
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MORE INFO: An artist and a father, Lil Stamp aspires to show his children what it takes to be the best in life through his music career. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop artists like NBA Youngboy, Lil Stamp started making music in 2019. His most recent drops include singles “Strip” and “Talk My Sh*t” released this year. In 2022, Stamp released singles “Stamp Flow Pt.2,” which has over 100K views, and “Motion Man,” which has over half a million views. With more new music on the way, Lil Stamp is set to be a 2024 Artist To Watch.

MOST RECENT SINGLES: “Strip,” “Talk My Sh*t” 


S More Artists to Watch in 2024
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MORE INFO: In 2022, Esckimo kickstarted his music career with his album Maybach & Millions. Standout tracks “Money Talk” and “Never Broke Again” garnered over 1M views. Most recently, Esckimo released the title track “Blue Magic,” following lead single,  “The Code,” found on his forthcoming project, ‘Blue Magic’ out Q1 of 2024.

Not just an artist, Yung Esckimo is co-owner of independent music label SCAM Inc: Success Comes After Manifestation. The Washington Heights rapper aspires to make SCAM Inc. a platform that puts up-and-coming artists in a position to win, starting with himself. 

Through SCAM Inc. and his upcoming release, Esckimo is cementing his place as an emerging rapper, music executive, and 2024 Artist To Watch.

PROJECTS:  Maybach & Millions

YUNG ESCKIMO ONLINE: Instagram (82.1K) | Youtube (23.4K) | Twitter 

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