Diddy, Eminem & Wiz Khalifa Donate 1 Million Water Bottles To Flint

January 25, 2016 0


People have been lending a helping hand to the residents of Flint Michigan, amidst the city’s water crisis. Even a few celebrities have stepped up to the plate. AQUAhydrate, whose investors include Diddy and Mark Walhberg, has pledged one million bottles of water for the people of Flint. Diddy and Wahberg teamed up with Eminem – who is Michigan native & resident – and Wiz Khalifa to donate the pledged amount.

The AQUAhydrate team is doing everything it can to help with this issue. We are committed to the continued aid to Flint residents as long as they need it. We hope this commitment will inspire others to get involved as well,” states Diddy.

Other celebrities who have pitched in include Big Sean, who donated $10,000 and Meek Mill, who donated 60,000 bottles of water.

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