Nipsey Hussle (@NipseyHussle) – TMC: X-Tra Laps (Mixtape)

February 14, 2012 0

xtra-laps Nipsey Hussle (@NipseyHussle) - TMC: X-Tra Laps (Mixtape)

Nipsey did something different that will definitely be duplicated by another rapper later down the line. He dropped different songs all throughout the day, hour by hour, here and there. I was about to upload and post one, and then another came out, and another. I didn’t because I was going to wait until it was all done and just upload one big zip file. Well that was the idea, he leaked song by song off his new mix tape. So every song got posted individually by other blogs, and fans treated each song like a new Nipsey single, and ultimately he won. But if you missed any of the songs I have them in one big zip file below.

Smart move by Nipsey

1. Sound Of My Ceremony
2. Noah’s Ark
3. Top Floor
4. We Ride
5. Faith
6. We Just Havin’ Fun
7. Intoxicated Feat. Goldie
8. Bulgari Shades
9. Am I Gone Make It?


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