Top 10 of Dj Malcgeez (@Djmalcgeez) Freestyle Mondays

July 28, 2012 1

I’m such a fan of the culture I like to preserve the essence of what made it great. I also like to make sure I keep it authentic with the fans of the culture.

In the Philadelphia Hip-Hop scene there is a so much talent its hard to pick. That why its hard for alot of artist to get the shine or the shot that they deserve. But there are people pushing to bring light on those artist. Dj Malcgeez is one of them. Tour Dj for Meek Mill. Original Dj for Batcave Radio 91.7 fm Wed 12am-3am . His show along with P-Funk and Dona D broke artist such as Meek Mill, Young Savage and alot more. He always been a Dj to give artist a spotlight to shine. So today I wanna highlight his “Malcgeez Freestyle Mondays” shot in Heatholders Record pool with the top ten best freestyles. I sat down and literally listened to 63 freestyles “63”!!! This is based on delivery,lyrics,and flow.



When I first heard Santos spit I saw what he brings to the table. That rawness, he can describe live in a vivid fashion on any beat, and I could feel the hunger in his voice every time he got on the mike.



Tone Trump is a guy who I think is really underrated on the mic. Alot of people don’t give him his props when it comes to being a spitter. But Tone bring the swag of a fly guy mixed with the lyrics of a street dude.  And he a guy that not only can freestyle but can make records. 


3. Chill Moody

Chill Moody reminds me of a mix between Q-Tip and  Black Thought with his voice ,delivery and flow. He’s very witty and clever with his word play. At the same time he give you a mix of various different topics in every verse.  


4. Tiani Victoria

Tiani Victoria aka Vikki Secret  is on of the top female rappers out. Her voice, flow and lyrics are fire.  To be honest most guys can’t hang with her.  She gets overlooked by alot of people but her time will come. 


5. Chinko the Great

Chinko the Great been one of the underground’s top spitters for some time now. His flow is stupendous and his lyrics are blunt and real. 


6. Young Savage

Young Savage is a true spitter. Every time he gets on the mic he shows people that he’s a true MC. He’s ready for the elite stage.  He has some legendary freestyles at a young age. 


7. Shorty Raw

Shorty Raw is another underrated Mc. But rapid fire flow mixed with real street essence is fire. 


8.Lee Mazin

Lee Mazin was fairly new on the scene when she did this freestyle. But she surprised  alot of people with the way she flowed effortlessly over the beats.  


9. Dizzle Dizz

Dizzle has some of the best word play around. For a 16 year old her skill level is years beyond her age.  


10. Tito Lopez

I never heard of this guy until I saw him on here. but I was impressed by his delivery subject matter and the way he put it all together. 


Be on the look out for Top 10 DVD freestyles of alltime..


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