Dreams & Nightmares: Judge Brinkley Denies Bail For Meek Mill (These Urban Times Podcast) (Video)

December 7, 2017 0

News broke on Monday afternoon that Philadelphia native Meek Mill was denied bail by Judge Brinkley in Philadelphia over the weekend after Meek Mill was sentenced to serve 2-4 years in Prison for violating his probation in early November.


Even after celebrities and athletes such as Jay Z, Rick Ross, Colin Kaepernick, Julius Erving and others spoke on the behalf of Meek Mill on various platforms and at a “Rally For Meek” that took place in Philadelphia, Judge Brinkley labelled Meek Mill as a “Flight Risk” and “a Danger to the Community”.


Monday (Dec. 4th) on “These Urban Times” We discussed Meek Mill being denied bail and the various opinions I have heard from people about this situation. Some people I have spoke with feel Meek Mill’s sentence was to harsh, others feel it wasn’t harsh enough.


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