“2pac Must Die” Glasses Malone

August 2, 2019 0

“The life of notorious rapper was lost on the streets of Las Vegas over 20 years ago…Tupac Shakur! HipHop has seemed to lose a lot of pioneers to not only the streets of Las Vegas but everywhere. It was tragic then but today is it so tragic?! Well that’s debatable! Yes you heard me right, losing a gifted, prolific, & inspiration to not only the Culture but the world isn’t as tragic as we believe!

It’s been 23 years since Tupac died and his voice is still relevant and will always be to the HipHop community til this day. Just because I’m bringing a viewpoint to your attention doesn’t mean I’m against what this man stood for or that I’m dismissing his impact to lives all around the world. He’s one of my favorite artist!!!! There’s no one who will ever be like Tupac, he’ll forever be a legend and icon. Recently west side rapper, Glasses Malone dropped a song “Tupac Must Die” the video to this song is on sight to the actual drive by shooting in which Tupac was shot in 1996. This rapper has been out for 12 years rapping about his own life (gang activity) before he became a major rapper, this song he dropped and tweet for the song “Tupac deserve to die” has become his most known song. That I smh to, one man life isn’t more important than the next, no matter who you are and what you’re known for you’re not above death that is inevitable.

There’s three sides to each story and we don’t know the 2 sides to Tupac death. We know what’s told to us, from the media…perspectives is a major key (DJ Khaled voice) for growth whether what you hear is relative to your life or not. We all know the story Tupac was shot after leaving a
Mike Tyson fight in a drive by shooting and died shortly after. The truth of the cause of the shooting is yet to be discovered and do people care to know NO! Glasses Molane, always went against the grain of rap so this isn’t a shock but the genius this man produced is to be admired! The video, the narrative is truth and the best part it’s not what society wanted to hear! Glasses is an og to HipHop, not as big as most west coast rappers but still have always delivered raw sound. He came out with Nipsey Hussle (The late great!) K Dot, the great Jay Rock, and more but like Nipsey Hussle his life wasn’t as important until something tragic has transpired or someone you like is involved.

I’m just the messenger and hopefully a influence to all, but this is what I do break down the ordinary story and lay down the uncut truth! The truth which was excellent and exceptional in Glasses Malone song is the truth, 3 side to every story from his friend drea perspective who was at the scene of Tupac shooting. The killer of Tupac was a man with much ego who was standing up for his image as a gang member. Tupac jumped Orlando Anderson(Tupac killer) prior to Orlando retaliation which caused Tupac to die. The tragedy is in lives being taking and also us as a society turning away from the truth to fit in to the trend! From Tupac, Biggie Smalls, to Nipsey Hussle they all was influential, legends, educated, and loved men who didn’t deserve to die as anyone doesn’t. They all spoke death over their lives, if you know you know but it’s real life and death is in the power of the tongue. Listen to their music, of course I’ll always as I been…here’s the truth, take it or leave it.”

Bre G Sykes

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