Omar Gooding Joins Trae Tha Truth & More For TJ Boyce’s “Ghetto America” In Remembrance of George Floyd On His Birthday (Video)

October 14, 2020 0
Screen-Shot-2020-10-14-at-12.56.08-PM Omar Gooding Joins Trae Tha Truth & More For TJ Boyce's "Ghetto America" In Remembrance of George Floyd On His Birthday (Video)

We are in an unprecedented place in the history of this country. Division is at an all-time high and empathy seems to be at an all time low. With “Ghetto America” my aim is ultimately to inspire Americans of all shades towards empathy and redemption.” ~ TJ Boyce

If you ever saw the 1996 classic “A Time To Kill”, you will certainly have been impacted by the jaw-dropping closing arguments at the end of Carl Lee Hailey’s (Samuel Jackson) trial for the murder of the 3 bigots that brutalized his young daughter. Jake Brigance (Matthew McConaughey), Hailey’s inexperienced lawyer was able to invoke empathy out of that all-white jury by forcing them to put themselves in Hailey’s shoes. Not as a Black man, but as a grief-stricken father.

Today, on what would have been George Floyd’s birthday, and at a time when division is at an all time high, TJ Boyce is offering up an opportunity for people to switch places, if only for a moment, in hopes that some will be inspired to see things from another’s perspective and perhaps gain some understanding, some empathy, in the process. 

With the help of co-stars Omar Gooding, Trae Tha Truth and his own children TJ Boyce III and London James Boyce; themselves budding celebrities, TJ and his ABDU Films team have crafted a powerful visual to honor George Floyd’s memory and the memories of the far too many victims whose lives have been senselessly ended.

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