OTF’s Booka600 lives up to his shining potential in “iRock” video single

February 7, 2020 0

unnamed-3 OTF's Booka600 lives up to his shining potential in "iRock" video single


A melodic mastermind like his mentor Lil Durk, Booka600 is quickly ascending in the Chicago rap scene. Sharing a new trap ballad about appreciating the finer things, Booka drops “iRock,” his new video single.

Watch “iRock”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exXz-ugpiFs

Riding an ethereal beat with airy vocal samples and a prominent bounce, “iRock” is an ode to shining as a way of life: “Lookin’ at the opps and them boys lookin’ jealous/You gon’ think of us as them boys with them carats/We can split the millions down in half, we can share it/Bury the money and have them bags ’til we buried.” In the video, Booka looks like a million bucks, rocking a diamond-encrusted polo as he comfortably chassé’s through his surroundings transcending the dark roads to a star in the club.
“iRock” is Booka’s first release since his prominent appearance on Family Over Everything, the December mixtape by Lil Durk’s Only The Family label. Booka provided the hook for mixtape standout “Riot,” which features label honcho Lil Durk and fellow Chicago heavy-hitter G Herbo, and he took a star turn of his own on “The Hood,” an organ-drenched trap ballad.

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