June 23, 2021 0

Philadelphia is a city known for breaking some of the biggest artists in the game. One thing about Philly is that it’s also one of the hardest cities to make it out of. Every few years an artist will emerge that has been able to survive all the obstacles that Philly puts in front of him/her. In 2021, that artist might be Bolo3K.
Hailing from North Philly, Bolo3K is poised to take over this year and really make his mark in music. Signed to his childhood friend, world famous boxer Danny Garcia’s DSG Music which is distributed by Empire, Bolo3K has all the tools and talent to breakout this year.
This week, HipHopSince1987’s own Rick Dange linked up with Bolo3K for an exclusive interview. In the interview, Bolo3K talks about what it was like growing up in North Philly. He explains how he met Danny Garcia around the age of 8 and how they both participated and had a love for boxing their entire lives. In fact, Bolo3K actually got his name from Danny Garcia because of his past in boxing. Bolo3K explains how he got into music and what separates him from other artists that have been trying to break into the industry.
On June 24th, Bolo3K is dropping his new single called “Northside” and from what we’ve heard already, the single is sure to catch on fast.
During the remainder of the interview, Bolo3K talks about his untitled upcoming EP, his clothing line “Zone 20”, violence in Philly, and much more! Checkout the full interview below and Get familiar with Bolo3K!!

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