Jason Johnson evolves into Big Head Bandz

May 20, 2022 0

Processing pain on the road to greatness is not designed for everyone.  

The feeling of pain destroys, suffocates, and deters people from pursuing their deepest desires in life.  

Experiencing pain is an acknowledgment of progress. Taking the path of most resistance is a road less traveled. Pushing through anxiety, uncertainty, and self-doubt enables a person to evaluate the price of dreams and nightmares.   

Less than 5% of people live to see their visions converted into manifestation. Navigating through the maze of life is a never-ending journey. Belief is an expensive commodity in life. Having faith without physical proof of concept or delivery is labeled insane to the general public. Processing pain on the road to greatness is not designed for mere mortals.   

Big Head Bandz’s moment of truth arrives in divine timing.   

Jason Johnson, aka Big Head Bandz, has never compromised his integrity for clout or financial gain in life. Big Head Bandz’s parents instilled within him a rock-solid mental foundation that empowers his lifestyle as of today. Growing up inside a faith-based household provided Big Head Bandz with a unique life perspective.    

Understanding the world from a detailed introspective level gave Big Head Bandz a mental edge over his peers. Big Head Bandz’s multi-talented persona intrigued him to pursue a life of hustling. Leading men without fear and managing high-pressure street situations were conducive to his personality. Hustling on the street is a short-term career and has only two final outcome options.     

Jason Johnson executed life-changing decisions, including Hip-Hop, horses, God, and finding his soulmate. Recently, Jason Johnson sat down for an exclusive interview with HIPHOPSINCE1987 inside the world-famous House of Hits Studio. Jason Johnson explains how Big Head Bandz was created and transformed. The life story of Jason Johnson reads like a Hollywood movie script. Watch his epic interview here. 

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