Magic Johnson to buy the L.A. Dodgers? via (@eldorado2452)

August 3, 2011 0

DownloadedFile Magic Johnson to buy the L.A. Dodgers? via (@eldorado2452)






Former L.A. Lakers star Magic Johnson may be interested in buying the L.A. Dodgers when MLB puts the team up for sale. Recently the Dodgers have been in a world of trouble financially with current owner Frank McCourt dealing with a bitter divorce and unbalanced books for the Dodgers organization. MLB commissioner Bud Selig and McCourt have been in and out of court battling for ownership and the state of the Dodgers.

During a recent L.A. Times forum event, Johnson admitted he wouldn’t rule out taking the helm, but says now isn’t the time for such talk:  “If the Dodgers ever came up for sale…Would I take a look at it with some other people? Of course you would look at it. Because the brand is so strong. As we speak today, they do have an owner. It’s never good to talk about an organization that already has an owner.”

Over the past two years Johnson has aggressively been trying to get a NFL franchise to return to L.A. with them not having one since the Rams and Raiders are in new cities respectively. Johnson is also in the running to buy NBA franchise the Detroit Pistons which are in his home town state of Michigan. Rather or not Johnson will purchase the Dodgers is still depending on what happens in court when MLB and Frank McCourt but I personally hope Magic does become the Dodgers new owner. How fixing would it be if the same team who broke baseball’s color barrier with Jackie Robinson to break the Owners color barrier with Magic Johnson. Despite there being no color barriers with players, there are currently NO african-american owners in Major League Baseball.

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