Quilly Performs In The Crowd at Neef Buck’s “Forever Do Me 8” Concert (HHS1987 Exclusive)

September 28, 2016 0

quilly-fdm8-crowd-500x279 Quilly Performs In The Crowd at Neef Buck's "Forever Do Me 8" Concert (HHS1987 Exclusive)

This weekend, Philly legend Neef Buck threw a concert at the TLA in Philly called the “Forever Do Me” Concert to celebrate the release of his newest project “Forever Do Me 8”. South Street was packed as fans waited to get into the venue to see some of their favorite artists perform.
Fans obviously anticipated seeing members of State Property at the show but they were pleasantly surprised when one of Philly’s rising stars Quilly took the stage.
Checkout this footage of Quilly jumping in the crowd and performing at Neef Buck’s “Forever Do Me 8” concert. This footage was shot by HHS1987’s own Rick Dange.

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