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Do we start with the history or the current? Do we highlight the music and the fact he has been a relevant in the industry since the 1999? The man who has raised super stars in the game all while paving his way to the top & having one of the most iconic marriages we have ever scene in this city? Being King means perfection across the map on everything that bares your name, even if you fail. “Gillie Da King” has yet to fail and not recover. Born in arguably the roughest parts of Philadelphia, he has shown music hustle and management isn’t his only gift to the people. After multiple record and distribution deals (Suave House, Warner Music, Cash Money Records etc), rap & industry beef with current and former artist like Kodak Black, Cassidy etc, and multiple roles across the industry one thing remained constant. The Kings work ethic branding and personality only grows with time as we have witness the last 20 plus years. From the Major Figgas rap group (Bump J, Dutch, Spade-O, Bianca, Ab Liva, Rolx, Wallo, Chops, Rucis, El Denero, P-Nut & Dirty Rik) to Million Dollars Worth Of Game Podcast recently partnering with BarStool Sports with Wallo & Dev, the King has yet to fail us. Below we have Gillie & Wallo on the breakfast club talking about their history and what they have up and coming. The comedic duo have been at it since Wallos return from prison in 2017, starting with a few instagram clips that later upgraded to a full blown show.




REIGNING KING amongst Kings

1999 The Major Figgas, a named created by Wallo and Dice Raw (The Roots) both Philadelphia natives. Wallo often credits him discovering Master P’s early accomplishments and success, to what triggered his jump into the music industry. The Figga Gang then took the underground by storm with early hits and highly sought out visuals. With records like “What You Know about Ballin” “Yea thats Us” “I Love Being Gangsta” & “The Crack” Philly embraced this hard core, high powered, talk heavy sound that paved the way to many of todays top tier artist. The Major Figgas crew lands in a lot of Top 5’s and Top 10 out of Philly listPhilly  and heres why. Following the acts of The RootsBahamadiaSchooly D, Tuff Crew, and running along side Philly Most Wanted and State Property, Gillie has always held the respect and the talent to be listed at the top with his peers. How does one stay so competitive?

“I love this shit, its in me” Gil is scene and heard on a Interview with Rick Dange. That along side the constant self reminder of who’s the best craftsmen to ever do it in the city Gil is never afraid to show love to artist and producers really working. He shouts out current artists Meek Mill, Kur, PNB Rock, Drama, Omelly and producers such as R3 Banga, Mally Raw, Dougie as seen in the video below.





The City of Brotherly Love holds its name when the crown holder makes sure to highlight those around him and up and coming. Not only the shout outs on interviews and radio, Gillie also host a showcase/concert series for underground artist in the city. Allowing the new wave of artist access to a platform on a consistent basis called the “Unsigned Show Case” how can you not be grateful the O.G. still cares about the people and the youth of the city?

Not so Cash Money

“MY CHECK BOUNCED” stated the King on N.O.R.E.’s Drink Champs Podcast. Another one of The Kings Great Tales we love to hear, as he expresses some of the most horrifying things with a comedic twist, from the streets to the business office. Back in 2006 the Lil Wayne controversy added more light to Gillie, as we find out Gil may or may not have been responsible for ghost writing for the Young Money Cash Money superstars. Still denied by the record label who also signed Gillie to a distribution deal. This wouldn’t be the last time a Philly rapper would have issues with the Cash Money Crew, but handled with grace Gil used the leverage to fuel his solo career.

Shortly after in 2008 “Get Down on the Ground” the hit single that put the king in the publics eye again, after multiple mixtape and albums dropped independently. Around this Time is where we see Gillie Transition from The Kid to The King with little to no contest in the title. Has anyone ever claimed him to not be king? Yes, and they all regretted it and some are found apologizing publicly. Wether through intimidation or the constant bid he makes his opponents, the if you can’t beat him join him term is used constantly when in feuds online or offline with the goat. No dirt on his name no dirt on his frame, how can you not crown this Philly legend?




The King Hits Motion Pictures

GDK is featured in multiple movies playing roles with fellow Philly talent Meek Mill, Atlanta super star & also Atlanta’s own King T.I., The late great Nipsey Hustle & Hollywood vet Ving Rhames. Found on features with some of the top artist in the industry such as could go on for days, now its time to add some acting credits to the resume. Here are some tv shows and films you can view from most recent and on. Video below shows Gillie & Nipsey exchanging dialogue and dropping game for the youth to understand what they represent in the game. Staying connected and spreading knowledge as a King should.





 2019 The Probe

 2017 Blood Brotha

 2013 Force of Execution

 2011 Streets

 2010 Ex$pendable

 2010 Caged Animal

Lets fast forward a few albums a few more movies later, Philadelphia is well known for its unique style, music, food, and people, the city is has developed its own language or slang. Terms such as Jawn and Young Bol are often displayed not only vocally but artistically such as the single dropped in 2015 feature young talent from all over the city. “Young Bull” featured artist like Quilly Mills, Kur, Lightz Kamraz shows he can stand with the O.G.’s and the Y.G.’s in the game.


Even before that The King gave us a preview of what was to come in the city in the early 2013 hit featuring Pusha T “Tryna Get Me One”. This video tells the story of the “Walking Dead” like environment surrounded by zombies (drug addicts) and savages (cops and opposers), then there is the King maneuvering through it all. Displaying art vocally visually and with complimentary features and production his whole career, their should be no more future arguments on who is and has been the King of the Philadelphia.





From Up-top, Down The Bottom to South Philly (terms used to highlight Uptown/ Upper North Philly & West Philly arguably some of the roughest streets in the nation). From the PHILLY UNCUT’s premier, where Gill pays homage again to the city showing you the inner struggles and joys, giving rest and peace shout outs to some of the cities street legends including the late great Charles “Sharif” Haines (my father), to the top hiphop DvD freestyles and interview appearances. The respect is mutual across the board. Side note… to say you made it past the DVD era in Hiphop is an accomplishment that deserves award in itself. Who else can you go live with on Instagram and get some A1 game, advice, learn some history and get a great laugh at the sometime? The King goes live what seems to be every day on his Instagram to remain in touch with his fans. Often found going on wild rants, arguments, even a few live rap battles, now with his new podcast series reaching more and more listeners attempting to gain a million dollars worth of game, The King is here to stay!

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