Kenzo Balla, TG Crippy, and Rayy Balla address “Unfinished Business”

March 22, 2023 0

image002-2-500x500 Kenzo Balla, TG Crippy, and Rayy Balla address “Unfinished Business”

Bursting into NYC’s drill scene with unfaltering energy and menacing rhymes, Kenzo Balla is one of Bronx’s most enthralling rap villains. Spinning back with the assistance of his biological brother TG Crippy and frequent collaborator Rayy Balla, Kenzo is ready to handle some “Unfinished Business” in his new video single. The trio effortlessly pass the baton to one another across a hyperactive, startling instrumental at full volume, firing off iron-tough rhymes about running up the score on the opposition. Kenzo sets the tone for the rest of the track, dropping explosive bars that explain why he’s earned the nickname “Mr. Ready To Blitz” in the first place: “I’m totin’ on Stacey, don’t play me/B****, I’m a demon, can’t nobody save me.”

The Weirdo Motions-directed video for “Unfinished Business” builds on the manic energy from the Bronx bruisers, adding in playful edits, in-your-face transitions, and aggressively appealing on-screen text. The video doesn’t dwell on one scene for long, keeping you on alert for what’s coming next. “Unfinished Business” arrives ahead of Kenzo’s upcoming EP, and follows December’s Mr. Ready to Blitz (Deluxe). In February, Kenzo shared a pair of tough-talking singles including “What’s The Move” and “Opp Huntin’.”

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